12. Municipal Campaign Finance Reform

The Local Authorities Election (Finance and Contribution Disclosure) Amendment Act, 2009 was passed unanimously in the Legislature and made key changes to the municipal campaign finance rules. These changes included a cap on donations in a year to $5000, a requirement that campaign surpluses be used only for future elections or donated and new bookkeeping rules requiring candidates to create a bank account in the their name as well as to keep receipts, which are subject to audit. Many feel this legislation was a positive step forward, while others feel it has unintentionally made matters worse. Some argue that there is still not a level playing field amongst incumbents and challengers, not enough transparency, and the current legislation still has not reduce the possibility of unmerited levels of influence from particular political donors.

Question: Are you in favour of additional Municipal Campaign Finance Reform? And if so, in what form?

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by candidate Alison Redford
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