Alison Redford's response to Question 02

Question: What will you do to create a lasting, long-term, solution to fund municipal infrastructure?

A: I will put public services on predictable funding cycles so they can maintain staff, offer Albertans stable levels of service and make capital investments with certainty, knowing the money will be available. For instance, I will put health care on a 5-year funding cycle and education on a 3-year cycle.

I want to make the Municipal Sustainability Initiative’s grant process simpler, reducing the cities’ regulatory burden and easing the cities’ access to funding.

I will also devote a share of non-renewable resource funding toward helping Calgary construct world-class infrastructure to support its growing population. I intend to split the first $10 billion in energy revenue between public services, the Sustainability Fund and the Heritage Fund. Revenues above this will go infrastructure projects.

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