Alison Redford's response to Question 06

Questions: What will you do to support arts and culture in Calgary? Will you commit to providing a similar level of provincial funding for Calgary’s Creative Campus as that for the Royal Alberta Museum?

A: Culture and the arts are a source of inspiration and a means of self-expression for countless Albertans. I will give them the support they deserve.

For kids, I will increase funding for arts education and promote their access to the arts beyond the classroom via an organized campaign.

For Calgarians at-large, I will support the arts by introducing tax incentives to encourage philanthropy. I will use extra energy revenue to fund cultural venues and will collaborate with municipalities to create spaces for public arts and acquire art and artists to fill those spaces.

In recognition of the economic power of the arts, my government will attract new arrivals to work in Alberta’s arts community and co-invest in a provincial summit to look at ways of raising the sector’s profile.

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