Fellow Calgarians and Albertans,

Welcome to CitiesMatter.ca--a site that is the home for to the responses from Alberta's provincial political parties about the issues facing our cities today.

Strong, healthy cities require thoughtful vision and action from all levels of government. But if we don’t ask our politicians for that, we may never get it. There is often a sad lack of discussion (on the provincial and federal levels) about the issues that affect us every day. Supporting front-line services, eliminating homelessness and poverty, fixing the fiscal imbalance, and creating a sustainable transportation strategy with cities (just to name a few topics) all too often fall off the political radar.

CitiesMatter.ca is one way we—the citizens of cities—can raise our voices to ensure better discussions with our politicians about how we can make our cities better. During the last provincial election (April 2012) The City of Calgary surveyed provincial political parties about the issues that matter most to cities.

On the right-hand side of this website, you can browse the parties' responses either by issue or by party. Even though the election is over, you can still see the responses (including those from the ruling Progressive Conservative party). Thank you to all the parties for responding to the survey, and congratulations to all candidates and volunteers who participated in the election--it takes a lot to put yourself out there and represent your fellow citizens.

And thank you exploring this site. Your participation in these issues is appreciated because cities do, truly, matter.


Naheed K. Nenshi
Mayor of Calgary