09. Fiscal Imbalance

The provincial and federal governments have access to revenue sources (income and sales taxes) that are closely related to economic growth. The property tax, the main source of tax revenue for The City of Calgary, is not growth sensitive, which constrains the municipality’s ability to raise the revenue needed to provide the services that contribute to a high quality of life for Calgarians. Senior governments have benefited from Calgary’s strong economic performance over the past two decades, with taxpayers in Calgarians contributing more to these governments’ balance sheets than they receive in federal and provincial transfers back to The City of Calgary. The result is less than adequate revenue available to our local government to fund its program responsibilities.

Question: Do you believe there is a fiscal imbalance between municipalities and the provincial government, and if so, how do you plan to rectify it?

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by candidate Alison Redford
by candidate Doug Griffiths
by candidate Doug Horner
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