Rick Orman's response to Question 01

Question 1: What new fiscal and legislative measures do you envision to support The City of Calgary to maintain its high quality of life and compete globally?

Response: Calgary has already been recognized as one of the world’s most desirable cities in which to live.  We are considered to have a high quality of life and have become very cosmopolitan.  We must continue to set this example to the world. In this campaign, my commitments including those that will require legislative action, have all been focused on returning Alberta to the fundamentals of the Alberta Advantage – balanced budgets, the most competitive tax regime, a savvy and supportive government attitude toward investment attraction, business development, environment protection, modern and efficient infrastructure, multiculturalism and pluralism.

In this campaign I have pledged to substantially increase provincial support for safer streets and communities including support for a new approach that offers a long-term solution to ending the cycle of repetitive crimes committed by convicted criminals with mental illness and substance abuse issues. I have given my commitment to innovative approaches to encourage a faster response to affordable housing for seniors and persons with disabilities and to keep our graduating students in Alberta.

As a businessman who has worked internationally, I know the importance of having strong representation in countries that offer the greatest potential for expanded trade. I will work closely with the federal government to ensure that Alberta’s interests figure prominently in Canada’s foreign trade and political relations. In attracting the best companies and industries we must be the best hence the importance I have attached to arts and culture, presenting a program that will make our province, especially our major cities places of distinction, nationally and internationally. For many years Calgary has had unbelievably committed, talented and hard working men and women who have put forward time and time again excellent proposals to make the city a supportive home for arts and culture. To those people I say, I will not let you down. I say to the industry and business communities in Calgary, your provincial government will again be guided by common sense. I say to everyone who believes in conservative principles, l respect those principles too and will live up to them, as Premier.

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