Rick Orman's response to Question 04

Question 4: Will you support Calgary’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness by providing a greater share of funding to Calgary to reflect the city’s growth, cost of living and high homeless population?

Response: I do support Calgary’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, and want to congratulate Calgary and the community for its commitment to the cause. I am supportive of the principle that provincial funding should be tied to specific indicators and would welcome the discussion on what that would mean for Calgary. I support the principle of fairness.

Question 4 a: Will you reinstate block funding to enable The City of Calgary to sustain affordable housing development?

Response: I haven’t been privy to the background on the Alberta Housing Corporation and would need to examine it before I could give you an answer.  I do know that there needs to be more affordable housing for families and seniors in the City of Calgary.  I would undertake to make this one of my priorities if I am selected as the Leader of the PC Party. During the campaign I put forward an initiative to help fast track the development of affordable housing for seniors and persons with disabilities.

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