Rick Orman's response to Question 05

Question 5: What measures would you take to ensure local police are properly resourced to keep streets safe without overburdening local property taxpayers?

Response: Law and order and safe streets and communities must be a high priority of the province. I have publicly stated my view that police services have not received adequate support from the province. To address areas I feel are in need of more immediate support, I have committed to creating a new category of provincial jail for convicted individuals dealing with mental illness, homelessness or addictions. Calgary policing officials have been requesting this for some time with no support forthcoming from the province. By receiving the proper support in prison, these individuals convicted of crimes will get treatment that lessens the risk for reoffending. This will help alleviate the frustration of law enforcement officials who are now dealing with criminals caught in a revolving door of crime with little or no access to treatment.

I have also committed to allocating additional provincial funding for policing to reflect increases in population, crime rates and types of crimes. I will allocate funding to replace the discontinued federal funding for the Police Officer Recruitment Fund. I have also announced that I will initiate a province-wide After School Recreation Program, an initiative that addresses the growing evidence that unsupervised children between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 pm are more vulnerable to dubious behaviour that leads them into trouble with the law. This new initiative will be designed to complement and strengthen the community and education outreach programming now offered by Calgary Police Services.

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