05. Support for Municipal Police Services

The Municipal Policing Assistance Grant (MPAG) rate of $16 per capita for The City of Calgary has not increased since 2004, and has not been adjusted for inflation to ensure the basic value of the grant is maintained. In 2010, the Government of Alberta contributed only $16.9 million to the Calgary Police Service (CPS) budget of $304.2 million. Given the growth in Calgary’s population, the increasing complexity of policing in today’s big cities, and the requirement of municipal police forces to enact provincial statues, the current level of funding is insufficient to effectively address the issues facing the Calgary Police Service.

Question: What measures would you take to ensure local police are properly resourced to keep streets safe without overburdening local property taxpayers?

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by candidate Alison Redford
by candidate Doug Griffiths
by candidate Doug Horner
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