06. Supporting Local Arts and Culture

Vibrant, creative and cultural communities make cities great places to live. Indeed, a 2010 survey of Albertans on culture revealed that:

  • Over 90% of Albertans attended, participated or performed in an arts event or activity in the past year.
  • Over 91% of Albertans say that arts activities are very or somewhat important in contributing to the overall quality of life in their community.

Calgary’s downtown creative campus will contribute to the overall quality of life in Alberta by creating a hub for artistic, cultural, historical and creative capital. It will offer a variety of programs and services where technology, space, art, performance, discovery and dialogue meet. With the newly refurbished Alberta Art Gallery, and the Government of Alberta’s investment of $340 million for the Royal Alberta Museum, Calgary’s “Cultural Campus” will be a third “jewel in the crown” of Alberta’s burgeoning cultural scene.

Questions:  What will you do to support arts and culture in Calgary? Will you commit to providing a similar level of provincial funding for Calgary’s Creative Campus as that for the Royal Alberta Museum?

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