03. Transportation Strategy

A viable transportation system plays an important role in developing strong and sustainable cities. The City of Calgary has experienced significant growth in the last decade which has precipitated the need to focus on integrated transportation solutions to cut commute times and reduce congestion on our roads. Investing in responsive public transit systems can address both of these issues and have the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions when our citizens choose transit over driving their vehicles. As a first step, the Government of Alberta has committed to providing funding for public transit investment through its Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP), but the demands from urban growth will require further investment.

Another important component of a transportation strategy is investing in infrastructure that can help bring Alberta’s big cities closer together to take advantage of the resulting economic benefits. Investing in a high speed rail connection between Calgary and Edmonton would lead to a more mobile workforce, reduce highway congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Question:  How would you work with The City of Calgary to develop a provincial transportation strategy that would support public transit, and move toward the development of a high-speed rail link between Calgary and Edmonton?

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