10. Funding Public Transit

Light Rail Transit (LRT) and other major transit infrastructure are critical to mobility within the large cities. Recently, the Province introduced the Green TRIP funding program for Transit. While this program is a major investment in transit (approximately $800 million for the Calgary Region over several years), it presents a dilemma for cities as they don’t know when precisely the funding is coming or if there will be future funding after Green TRIP ends. For example Calgary’s number one transit priority is to build a new South East LRT line with a cost estimate for this project between $2 billion to $3 billion. Other major priorities such as a North Central LRT are in the same order of magnitude.

So with a grant such as Green TRIP, does Calgary attempt to build a small portion of the South East LRT line incrementally (a “stubway” which doesn’t serve many people) and hope more grants come later to complete it, or does it invest in other various lower cost projects which are lower on the City’s priority list? The large cities currently do not have the financial capacity to build major transit infrastructure to serve their citizens on their own.

  • Would your party support a new financial framework that provides the large cities the capacity and long term predictable funding sources to build major transit infrastructure?

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