Alberta Liberal response to Question 08

Question: What will you do to improve campaign finance and disclosure legislation for Calgary and other municipalities in Alberta?

Answer: Alberta Liberals agree that municipal campaign finance reform is an area where our province lags behind other jurisdictions, and support amending the Local Authorities Election Act as follows: ban corporate, union and anonymous donations, limit campaign spending to a specified amount per resident or elector, reduce the maximum allowable contribution amount from the current $5,000 to dissuade candidates from relying too heavily on the financial support of a few major donors, require candidates to publicly disclose all their donors and amounts contributed, prohibit candidates from carrying forward surplus funds for use in a subsequent election, limit the time period to when municipal political contributions can be received to the calendar year in which the election is being held, and examine the possibility of making municipal political contributions eligible for a tax receipt. We also support moving to a four-year municipal election cycle instead of the current three years.

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