Alberta Liberal response to Question 10

Question: Would your party support a new financial framework that provides the large cities the capacity and long term predictable funding sources to build major transit infrastructure?

Answer: Yes. Alberta Liberals envision this as being achieved primarily through the establishment of a dedicated Municipal Heritage Fund. Additionally, we’d expand the range of financial and tax tools available to Calgary and Edmonton to give them the ability to generate their own revenue for specific infrastructure projects (in accordance with the aforementioned provisos). We’d also be prepared to increase or remove their debt carrying limit to enable them to undertake and complete major infrastructure projects quicker by taking on more long-term ‘smart’ debt.  

Alberta Liberals will also create a new fund for green transit available to municipalities across the province; money in this fund will come from applying Alberta’s existing carbon levy to real emissions rather than intensity emissions. Our projections suggest this will provide in the range of $900 million in new funding for cities every year; this will mean in the range of $300 million in new funding available to the Cites of Calgary and Metro Edmonton for green transit initiatives every year.

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