Alberta Party response to Question 04

Question: What additional financial support will you provide to address the increased costs and responsibilities associated with policing in Calgary?

Answer: The Alberta Party is committed to fostering a new partnership with municipalities based on mutual respect. This means we are committed to listening to issues that municipalities put forward, and working with them to find solutions. As costs for police increase, especially in those areas that will be affected most directly by another potential economic boom, the Alberta Party will seek practical solutions to this challenge. This means giving municipalities more tools to raise and control their own revenues so that they can decide what services funds are best spent on, including police, but also sharing costs when prices escalate. The AUMA Policy Paper on Policing from 2009 will guide and inform the Alberta Party position on ensuring sustainable and equitable funding for municipalities.

An Alberta Party government will fund policing at a rate of $50/capita to all municipalities responsible for their own policing to address the declining assistance to larger municipalities under the current MPAG and will give every municipality approximately the same effect per capita as the current MPAG funding to municipalities at the 5000 population level. We also add an additional $20/capita for urban populations above 50,000.

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