Alberta Party response to Question 05

Question: What commitment will you make to the construction of more affordable housing in cities?

Answer: The Alberta Party will consult with stakeholders to develop and implement a province‐wide Affordable Housing Strategy. Any work and consultations that have already been completed by the City of Calgary, or any other stakeholders, will be incorporated into such a strategy. We will support re‐zoning efforts and tax incentive policies to incent private developers to build more multi‐family units and apartment buildings including new options to help finance and acquire acquisition of land for the specific purpose of affordable housing development.

Question: What measures would you be willing to introduce to encourage the participation of the private sector in the development of more affordable housing in the large cities?

Answer: The Alberta Party would introduce new taxation policies designed to incent the private sector into developing affording housing along with a review of property assessment procedures. We are open to listening to any strategies that will create effective solutions to the problems Albertans face and are committed to working with municipalities to meet the challenges of housing our diverse population.

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