Alberta Party response to Question 06

Question: What is your plan to approach and manage the competing interests for water resources in the Calgary region?

Answer: Water is the most important resource we possess in Alberta, and it is important that we manage it responsibly. All Albertan including Calgarians, want to be assured that our water is fairly distributed for the future growth of the province’s communities, local economies and resource development, all while protecting the integrity of the resource. In order to ensure responsible water management, the Alberta Party will:

  • Work with municipalities, wetland agencies and agricultural producers to manage, protect and conserve wetlands;
  • Develop a Water Risk Management Framework to strategize for droughts, floods and disasters;
  • Legislate Conservation Objectives and will create Watershed Management Plans for all major watersheds;
  • Work with municipalities to use more grey water – wastewater produced in domestic household activities by activities such as washing dishes, laundering clothes, or bathing – to reduce the amount of freshwater needed to supply a household, and reduce the amount of waste water entering sewer or septic systems.
  • Put funds in place to support the preparation of water conservation and productivity plans for all water using sectors.
  • Work with all municipalities to ensure that they have the resources to establish an on‐going monitoring program to ensure all sectors are achieving water conservation and productivity objectives.
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