Alberta Party response to Question 07

Question: What is your policy on sustainable regional planning and what is your opinion regarding the Calgary Metropolitan Plan, and the developing South Saskatchewan Regional Plan?

Answer: The Alberta Party supports land use planning and acknowledges the positive benefits it can provide if applied appropriately. When done right, land use planning ensures that economic development occurs in a responsible manner, and that decisions made in one area do not adversely affect other areas.

Plans can take into account environment, transportation, infrastructure, and a great deal more. For these to be developed affectively, the Alberta Party believes that local communities, municipalities and stakeholders should lead the development of plans, with the provincial government acting as a facilitator.

Unfortunately, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (Bill 36) and the Land Assembly Project Area Act (Bill 19) give overarching powers to the provincial government and allows it to impose land use strategies on Albertans, without appropriate consultations or mechanisms for implementing them. These pieces of legislation mean that potential backroom planning can occur with damaging results for citizens. The Alberta Party is committed to repealing Bill 36 and Bill 19, and introducing legislation that focuses on local communities and stakeholders being the driving force behind land use plans.

With that said, in instances that local stakeholders and communities are satisfied with the regional land use plans that have been developed there is no sense in tearing those plans down and starting again from scratch. It is possible to move forward with plans that stakeholders have put a great deal of work into while at the same time revising the overarching implementation of land use planning.

During his time as a Director of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Glenn Taylor was privy to the work done by the City of Calgary and their consultants on the CMP. He believes this to be ground‐breaking work, with an overarching, comprehensive and inclusive process that is to be commended. The

Alberta Party supports the implementation of the CMP.
An Alberta Party Government will provide policy guidelines and opportunities that local levels of government cannot while ensuring that we leave local decision‐making authority with the same officials who currently exercise it at the municipal and regional basis.

Question: Are you inclined to legislate the CMP in its amended form?

Answer: While the Alberta Party expects that all members in the region would voluntarily participate in the CMP, at some point the government must implement a regional planning solution that effectively addresses the regional planning issues. The Alberta Party recognizes that only three members of the region are not supportive of the CMP and if the Calgary Regional Partnership were unable to reach an agreement with these members, an Alberta Party government would legislate a regional planning solution after consultation with all members of the region.

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