EverGreen Party of Alberta response to Question 09

Question: Do you support construction of the South West Ring Road? 

Which route do you favour?

Answer: The EverGreen Party of Alberta is sympathetic to the issues arising from fifty years of provincial mismanagement of Alberta highway and transportation corridor planning around Calgary. While the EverGreen Party of Alberta will bring an active and supportive voice to negotiating a responsible and equitable solution for all four involved parties should the Tsuu T’ina Nation desire a fiduciary settlement in free and fair exchange for a Transportation and Utility Corridor segment through their lands, we strongly believe that the Province of Alberta has led the citizens of Calgary down a blind alley for far too long, and under a fundamentally false assumption. The EverGreen Party of Alberta will make completion of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road contingent on the immediate and permanent cancellation of all plans pertaining to the Calgary Outer Ring Road. We will also channel all provincial transportation investment hitherto earmarked for the Calgary Outer Ring Road into commuter rail and other public transportation initiatives for the Calgary Region.

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