EverGreen Party of Alberta response to Question 02

Question: What will you do to improve the large cities' financial capacity and sustainability, including providing more flexible means to finance the range of services and infrastructure that the cities now provide?

What are your plans for long-range, sustainable, predictable capital funding for the large cities?

Specifically, what sources of revenue are you willing to share with Calgary and Edmonton?

What are your plans for the education portion of the property tax?

What are your thoughts on the future of existing infrastructure programs, including the MSI?

Answer: The EverGreen Party of Alberta will make the Municipal Sustainability Initiative a permanent component of provincial funding for transit and community facilities in our towns and cities. Moreover, we will immediately raise the annual funding envelope by $100-million, to $1.5-billion province- wide, and index this funding to the Consumer Price Index. These improvements will give our neighbourhoods the kind of transit and community funding we can bank on. The EverGreen Party of Alberta will consider and evaluate the merits and the effectiveness of the education portion of municipal property taxes as part of the broader strategic review of provincial education services that we will conduct to ensure that Albertans have the tools to carry on learning for life.

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