EverGreen Party of Alberta response to Question 04

Question: What additional financial support will you provide to address the increased costs and responsibilities associated with policing in Calgary?

Answer: The EverGreen Party of Alberta strongly believes that a safe community is a strong community where people can be sure that their neighbourhood matters. We particularly commend projects like the Clean to the Core Initiative that bring together our police officers and our inner-city residents as partners in the security and amity of our communities. The EverGreen Party of Alberta will index the $16 per capita Municipal Policing Assistance Grant to the Consumer Price Index as part of a broader program to help our cities develop and implement early intervention initiatives that strengthen our neighbourhoods by stopping trouble before it starts. We will also encourage the federal government to match existing provincial support for programs like the Calgary Drug Court, and to support the operation of secure treatment facilities for non-violent narcotics offenders.

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