EverGreen Party of Alberta response to Question 01

Question: How will you recognize the needs of Calgary and Edmonton, and how do you see this reflected in a new legislative framework for the cities? 

Is the Municipal Government Act adequate to meet the needs of the large cities? 

Would you prefer city charters or other legislative remedies to address this issue?

Answer: The EverGreen Party of Alberta is proud to stand with Alberta’s cities as the drivers of our province’s economy and as the incubators of our province’s enterprise and culture. Sustainable, prosperous, and vibrant cities are crucial to the success of our province and to the fulfilment of our families’ aspirations. We will empower our cities to meet their local sustainability and service objectives while ensuring that the responsibilities our province gives to them are not unduly or unfairly downloaded to our cities’ books without the resources they need to do what is necessary and right. The Municipal Government Act needs to be brought into the twenty-first century to help our cities respond to the needs and the expectations of their citizens, but the EverGreens will neither seek nor implement a legislated municipal charter such as Ontario’s City of Toronto Act unless and until the voters in a duly incorporated Alberta city ask for one themselves in a binding municipal referendum that poses a clear question and commits the city to a sustainable, permanent, and immutable boundary.

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