PC Alberta response to Question 03

Question: How will you ensure that future provincial funding levels are sufficient to meet the needs of the most vulnerable citizens across Alberta?

Answer: Municipalities know the priorities of their communities and are in the best position to determine which programs and services should receive funding through Family and Community Support Services and we have no intention of changing that current leadership role.

The Family and Community Support Services program was designed to fund a variety of preventive social programs in communities, such as youth outreach services, parenting programs and pre-school programs, to support families before they reach a crisis. In addition, community development is an integral component of Family and Community Support Services.

The current regulation expires in June 2013, and before that happens we will work with local communities and stakeholders, such as the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Calgary and Edmonton to ensure Family and Community Support Services is meeting local needs as well as the intent of the legislation. This review will be complete before the regulation expires to ensure continuity of funding at the appropriate level to meet local needs.  
We will continue to work with our Family and Community Support Services partners to ensure positive results for every community.

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