PC Alberta response to Question 04

Question: What additional financial support will you provide to address the increased costs and responsibilities associated with policing in Calgary?

Answer: Our Party’s support for the police has always been long term and second to none. The Calgary Police Association has recognized this, through endorsing Premier Redford in the recent party leadership race. We commit to keeping Calgary’s police properly funded so they can remain proactive on crime prevention and safety.

Under Budget 2012, the City of Calgary will receive both the base Municipal Policing Assistance Grant described above, and the Police Officer New Hires Grant, which directly supports 123 police officers in Calgary, with funding of $12.3 million.

Total provincial policing support for the City of Calgary totals $29.7 million. We are proud of our initiatives to put more officers on the street.

Our party has also brought forward numerous other programs to address the causes and the effects of crime such as:

  • Calgary Safe Communities Resource Centre as part of the Integrated Justice Services Project.
  • Alberta Gang Reduction Strategy
  • Safe Communities Innovation Fund ($60 million province wide over three years)

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