PC Alberta response to Question 09

Question: Do you support construction of the South West Ring Road? 

Which route do you favour?

Answer: We are hopeful that an agreement with the Tsuu T’ina Nation will be reached very soon.

If we are unable to come to an agreement with the Tsuu T’ina Nation that is approved by the federal government, our party does not think it is plausible to limit solutions to the five existing proposals shown in Alberta Transportation Open Houses: there is another option that was raised in response to these five proposals last summer.

If we fail to come to an agreement, we would like to see southwest Calgary communities connected to the existing portion of the ring road. Then, we can extend it from Highway #1 in the northwest to Highway #8 in the southwest. The southwest segment would then be connected to the southeast section. To complete the loop, Highways #22 and #22x will need to be expanded to two lanes in each direction from Highway #1 west of Calgary to Highway #2 in south Calgary. Finally, Highway #8 would be twinned from the new ring road to Highway # 22.

This is not a perfect solution, but it will prevent the ring road from severely disrupting several Calgary communities – which would be the outcome if we implement one of the 5 options presented at the open houses – and it will allow the road to fulfill its desired purpose: moving traffic around Calgary’s exterior, letting drivers bypass the city, reducing congestion.

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