Wildrose response to Question 06

Question: What is your plan to approach and manage the competing interests for water resources in the Calgary region?

Answer: A Wildrose Government will:

  • Develop a comprehensive and effective on and off-stream fresh water storage plan to ensure that Albertans – municipalities, agricultural producers and industry - have access to a clean, reliable and safe supply of water for quality of life and economic growth. This strategy ensures a plentiful supply of fresh water for Alberta’s growing population and strong economy.
  • Work collaboratively with urban and rural municipalities, local authorities such as irrigation and drainage districts, and other water licensees to co-ordinate the timing and rate of diversion and discharge of water in the South Saskatchewan River Basin and in developing water conservation and wetland protection projects.
  • Promote improved local water conservation efforts by eliminating regulations that prevent municipalities and developers from implementing innovative and improved conservation methods such as grey and storm water use for residential, commercial and industrial use.
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