Wildrose response to Question 10

Question: Would your party support a new financial framework that provides the large cities the capacity and long term predictable funding sources to build major transit infrastructure?

Answer: Wildrose has committed to honour all existing agreements under grants like MSI and Green TRIP, so that no community will lose any funding as we introduce the 10-10 plan.  The 10-10 plan is designed to resolve many of the issues raised here in terms of longer term, substantial projects.  It’s preposterous that a major city like Calgary or Edmonton has to plan a transportation network incrementally, with vague indications from the Provincial government that different grants should be available if each stage of the project meets the province’s shifting criteria and political priorities.  The 10-10 plan empowers cities to take control of their long-range planning without the nagging fear of being undermined by shifting priorities at the Legislature.

After travelling this province for over two years I can tell you that I am more impressed with the talented, community-minded municipal leaders I have met than the folks juggling all the different files at the legislature.  The amount of power wielded by the province has done nothing but hold our municipalities back. That’s why I’m so excited about the Wildrose 10-10 plan: we believe that Cities do matter and with this plan they will be able to reach their full potential.

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