4. 911 Ambulance Dispatch

Currently, The City of Calgary—through its Public Safety Communications business unit— operates the 911 dispatch service. From here, 911 calls are evaluated and dispatched by an integrated team made-up of the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department and by Emergency Management Services (EMS) staff. Alberta Health Services (AHS) plans to set-up their own separate ambulance call evaluation and dispatch services and remove EMS from the current 911 system. The City of Calgary has worked with AHS officials in an attempt to transition EMS call evaluation and dispatch functions, but The City has discovered that costs will increase and that Calgarians’ public safety emergency response service will diminish under AHS’s plan, thereby increasing risk to front line responders and the public. Recently, Red Deer and Lethbridge received delegated authority to continue to provide EMS call evaluation and dispatch services. The City of Calgary requested that AHS continue to delegate authority to The City of Calgary to dispatch EMS services within the Calgary jurisdiction, and The City firmly believes this to be in the best interest of public and front line responder safety.

Question 4: Do you support the current system of an integrated 911 service or Alberta Health Service’s plan to separate out EMS from the 911 service and have its own call centre and dispatch?

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by Thomas Lukaszuk
by Ric McIver
by Jim Prentice