6. Regional Planning/CRP

The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP), made up of 13 municipalities, adopted the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP) in 2009 and submitted it to the Government of Alberta for approval.   Since 2009, several amendments have been made to the plan after constructive feedback from the Government of Alberta and from mediation with the County of Rocky View and The County of Foothills.  The amended CMP was re-submitted to the Province in the spring of 2014 for approval.  The CMP is classified as a sub-regional plan under the Government of Alberta's land use framework, and should be part of the larger South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP). However, the current draft of the SSRP does not mention the CMP, and there has been no commitment from The Province regarding the future of the CMP. 

Question 6(a): What is your policy on regional planning and cooperation?

Question 6(b): What is your opinion of the Calgary Regional Partnership and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan?

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by Thomas Lukaszuk
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