Jim Prentice's response to Question 1

Question 1(a): Do you support City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton?

I am hearing from Albertans that the Province’s relationship with cities must evolve and recognize the governance and operational sophistication of individual municipalities. I know that significant work needs to be done in advancing our major urban centres’ ability to have the tools and flexibility required to keep pace with their growth, service and renewal needs. The two major cities’ budgets have large-scale capital and operational requirements for essential priorities like LRT, which they must be able to meet.

Question 1(b): How do you see this new legislative framework benefiting citizens?

I support moving forward with City Charter discussions based on recognition of some key principles, such as recognizing the need for flexible and predictable funding to ensure cities can respond to and plan for growth. And, while I am supportive of Charters, I will add that a major challenge of the process to date has been the lack of public input into this major policy initiative. Noting that significant input is being gathered into the Municipal Government Act review, a more focused public discussion on Charters, their form and impact, is desirable.

The responses from the Jim Prentice campaign, in the form of a full letter to the mayor, is linked here for viewing.

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