Ric McIver's response to Question 6

Question 6(a): What is your policy on regional planning and cooperation?

The more municipalities work together the better. We need to consider financial incentives and learn from examples of success in an effort to replicate what has been proven to work in the past.

Current legislation makes it difficult for urban municipalities and rural municipalities to co-exist. To address these challenges, we need all parties at the table to discuss how we improve the system to drive creation of partnerships.

Question 6(b): What is your opinion of the Calgary Regional Partnership and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan?

I look forward to meeting with the CMP partners. The hard work done over several years now needs to be recognized by the Alberta government. My goal is to formalize what has been accomplished. I know there are some sticking points. I hope to help get past them. Having all of the municipal representatives in the room at the same time for a discussion is the best way in my view to bring this to a successful conclusion.

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