Thomas Lukaszuk's response to Question 3

Question 3(a): Will you commit to restoring provincial funding for Calgary’s EPCOR Centre?

I am not going to commit to specific funding for any single arts or culture project as part of my campaign.

Question 3(b): What else will you do to support arts and culture in Calgary?

Funding arts and culture will be a key part of our continued success as a province. The global marketplace for labour has become increasingly competitive. Skilled workers no longer move from country to country for dollars alone; the most valuable currency in this trade is quality of life. We will not be able to attract doctors, researchers and skilled tradespeople without the hospitals, daycares, schools, arts and cultural facilities that make this province a place to call home. Furthermore, without strong social infrastructure Alberta will simply become a work camp – a place where people come to make money for a few years, then head home. I would rather build a province where workers come to build a life, not just to collect a paycheque.

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