01. City Charters for Calgary & Edmonton

Alberta’s largest cities face many challenges to their continued growth and prosperity and those challenges cannot be met any longer under the current legislative and financial framework. In June 2012 the City of Calgary, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta agreed to develop a new working relationship that would clarify roles and responsibilities between the parties, better allocate resources to match responsibilities, and improve cooperation to improve services to citizens and keep our communities prosperous, vibrant and competitive. Phase one of the work-plan is nearly complete and work continues on developing City Charters for both Calgary and Edmonton.

Question:  Do you support City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton and how do you see this new legislative framework benefiting Albertans?

Question:  Will you commit to completing the development of City Charters by the end of 2016 as per the current agreement between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and the Province?

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