03. Flood Mitigation and Reconstruction

In June 2013, Calgary and Southern Alberta endured the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history. Citizens came together to help one another to clean-up after the disaster, but now nearly two years into our recovery and reconstruction many citizens still struggle to rebuild while we must now thoughtfully decide on what long-term flood mitigation measures are needed to ensure we minimize the impact of future flood events on our community.

Question:  What measures will you take to help ensure citizens are protected from future flood events along the Bow River?

Question:  What is your opinion on the proposed flood mitigation options for the Elbow River:
  1. Glenmore Reservoir Diversion Tunnel;
  2. The McLean Creek dry dam;
  3. The Springbank off-stream diversion and storage site and do you favour this project as a dry dam only or as a permanent reservoir?
Detail can be found here: http://www.calgary.ca/UEP/Water/Pages/Flooding-and-sewer-back-ups/Flood-Mitigation-Panel/Elbow-River-Flood-Mitigation-Options.aspx

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