08. Harmony Beef Slaughterhouse

In the absence of good regional planning and a framework for regional cooperation, how will you manage inter-municipal disputes & concerns? For example, Rocky View County may soon receive an application for the construction of a wastewater-treatment plant at a reactivating slaughterhouse located right on the boundary between Rocky View County and the City of Calgary. It is within Rocky View County’s jurisdiction and it has the sole decision making authority on this matter. As the slaughterhouse is located right across the municipal boundary, the Mayor, Council and the community are extremely concerned about possible impacts this plant may have on the quality of life in Northeast Calgary and have received little scientific information about the wastewater-treatment plant. The City has little very little influence over Rocky View County’s decision.

Question:  In this situation (re: Harmony Beef Slaughterhouse) how would you protect the quality of life for citizens in Northeast Calgary?

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