Alberta Liberal response to Question 6

Question:  Would you support increasing FCSS funding? How and under what timeframe?

Answer:  Shortly after Budget 2014 was tabled, the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) wrote to all MLAs to voice its concern that funding for Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) has remained largely flat since 2009 and, under the PCs, is not projected to increase until at least 2017 – if not later.

The PCs’ 2014-15 budget forecast for FCSS was $76.1 million; their planned spending on FCSS this year is exactly the same amount. FCSSAA maintains that flat lining of the FCSS program budget for 8 years equates to a budget cut that doesn’t even account for population growth or annual inflation. FCSSAA also claims that, because of this, the sustainability of the FCSS program is at a tipping point.

Alberta Liberals agree. We recognize the tremendous value and importance of preventative social services such as FCSS, and will take immediate action to maintain the health and viability of the program. That’s why, even in these challenging fiscal times, we have committed to boost funding for FCSS by $19 million (a full 25% budget increase!) in our first year in office.

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