Alberta Party response to Question 3

Question:  What measures will you take to help ensure citizens are protected from future flood events along the Bow River?

Question:  What is your opinion on the proposed flood mitigation options for the Elbow River:
  1. Glenmore Reservoir Diversion Tunnel;
  2. The McLean Creek dry dam;
  3. The Springbank off-stream diversion and storage site and do you favour this project as a dry dam only or as a permanent reservoir?
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Answer:  We will fight to ensure that the government lives up to its responsibility to provide disaster relief funds to flood victims and spend tax dollars effectively to mitigate destruction from future floods.
  1. Advocate for people struggling for Disaster Relief Program funds.

    Albertans need timely access to relief funds so they can rebuild and move on with their lives. Flood victims need a strong advocate to fix the Disaster Relief Program and get them the assistance they need.

  2. Build flood mitigation.

    We support construction of the Springbank Dry Dam. However, this project alone is insufficient to protect at-risk river communities and downtown Calgary. We believe the Province must also proceed with the Glenmore Diversion Tunnel given the severity of the risk of a major flood destroying downtown Calgary, one of Canada’s economic engines.

    Further investigation is required to determine what flood mitigation measures could be implemented on the Bow. We also support legislation to ensure that the privately owned hydro-electricity dams on the Bow are operated in a manner that maximizes flood mitigation during flood season. We also support projects that would “harden” the banks of the Bow adjacent to at-risk communities.

  3. Sell floodway buyout properties back into the market.

    The Alberta Party is the only party with a policy to re-sell buyout properties into the market once flood mitigation is in place to recover at least a portion of the money wasted on buyouts. Re-selling these properties will help make our communities whole again.

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