Alberta NDP response to Question 11

Question:  How will you ensure that Calgary young offenders have access to the supports they need in this community?

Will you commit to keeping CYOC open?

We are committed to keeping this Young Offenders Centre open in Calgary. We were extremely concerned about the decision by the Prentice government to close the Calgary Young Offenders Centre and move all the youth there to Edmonton. We believe one of the primary goals of the justice system should be to rehabilitate individuals. By closing the Calgary Centre and moving all these children to Edmonton, we are removing them from their families and compromising the ability to reintegrate them into their own community, and this is simply unacceptable. The stated reason for the PCs’ closure of the centre is cost containment and yet we have seen provincial funding for the Kananaskis Country Golf Course rise to $9.3 million, with more spending likely to come in the future. We have very different priorities that will see the Calgary Young Offenders Centre stay open.

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