Alberta NDP response to Question 1

Question:  Do you support City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton and how do you see this new legislative framework benefiting Albertans?


In other provinces, city charters have paved the way for more extensive changes in powers for all municipalities. Alberta’s NDP will support charters as a new legislative framework within the Municipal Government Act to provide greater responsibilities for those municipalities wishing to choose such responsibilities for themselves and their citizens. Charters would allow municipalities the tools to ensure that they are able to provide the services and solutions their residents expect from their civic governments. Charters would recognize the special and unique role cities play in Alberta’s economic and social development.

Question:  Will you commit to completing the development of City Charters by the end of 2016 as per the current agreement between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and the Province?

Alberta’s NDP commits to incorporating charters as an option in the Municipal Government Act by the end of 2016 as per agreements negotiated by the Province with Calgary and Edmonton.

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