Alberta NDP response to Question 7

Question:  What is your policy on regional planning and cooperation and in particular your opinion on the Calgary Regional Partnership and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan?

The Alberta NDP strongly supports regional planning for Alberta’s metro areas. Our metropolitan areas act as regional hubs, so there is a necessity to ensure that all residents in these municipal networks are able to receive the services and the resources they need.

Indecision by the PC government has only contributed to uncertainty and has fed the growing animosity between municipalities in the Calgary metropolitan region.

Question:  Will you legislate the Calgary Metropolitan Plan in its amended form and apply it to all communities in the Calgary region, including the County of Rocky View and the Municipal District of Foothills?

At this juncture, and acknowledging the substantial amount of work that has gone into the plan as it exists today, an NDP government would support the goals of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan, but would stress the need to arrive at a consensus. We know that there are a great number of shared principles and interests between the two sides of this debate. Those principles include: minimizing sprawl; supporting walkable, transit-friendly development; and protecting agricultural land and the rural way of life. We would like to ensure an inclusive, respectful conversation places those values at the centre of the region’s planning for the next generation.

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