Green Party of Alberta response to Question 1

Question:  Do you support City Charters for Calgary and Edmonton and how do you see this new legislative framework benefiting Albertans?

Question:  Will you commit to completing the development of City Charters by the end of 2016 as per the current agreement between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton and the Province?

Answer:  When Canada’s constitution was drafted, no one had any notion of the future importance of large cities and the hugely increased set of responsibilities that municipalities would acquire. Their ability to raise revenues is very far short of today’s responsibilities under municipal government legislation – reform is essential. Accordingly, "The Green Party supports law and public finance reform that would better recognize the key role that city governments play in meeting the needs of Albertans":

The Green Party of Alberta strongly supports the notion of city charters for Edmonton and Calgary and would push for their finalization by the end of 2016. (According to a CBC news story, "city charters would give both Calgary and Edmonton more power to do things like create bylaws regarding certain things that currently fall under provincial authority, ...")

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