Green Party of Alberta response to Question 4

Question:  Will you restore Provincial funding to the Arts Commons?

Question:  How will you support arts, culture and recreation in Calgary?

Answer:  The Green Party recognizes that a flourishing cultural scene contributes hugely to the well-being of Albertans, in terms of both quality of life and employment opportunities and other forms of economic development. The arts enable us to envision a different kind of reality and thus contribute to our ability to imagine a different, sustainable and better future for our province.

The Green Party believes that both provincial and municipal levels of government have a vital role to play in supporting culture and the arts, not only financially, but with augmented programs for public art, festivals and other cultural events which enhance and celebrate our cultural diversity.

Since it was reincarnated in 2011, the Green Party of Alberta has not yet had the opportunity to adopt specific policies in this area. It can, however, be said that if put ot a vote, Greens would almost assuredly favour restoration of provincial funding for the Arts Commons.

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