Green Party of Alberta response to Question 7

Question:  What is your policy on regional planning and cooperation and in particular your opinion on the Calgary Regional Partnership and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan?

Question:  Will you legislate the Calgary Metropolitan Plan in its amended form and apply it to all communities in the Calgary region, including the County of Rocky View and the Municipal District of Foothills?

Answer:  The Green Party favours a robust regional planning model, operating under provincial law, which would prevent unnecessary annexation of land for urban expansion and inappropriate "country residential" development in the shadow of medium- and large-sized cities. Good agricultural land should be protected from conversion to other uses except where that conversion is absolutely necessary and, even then, the amount of agricultural land lost to other uses should be kept to the absolute minimum necessary for those purposes.

At the same time, care should be taken to respect the wishes of counties and municipal districts to control their own destinies, subject to environmental criteria and the need to prevent "scatteration" when considering development proposals.

On first reading, the amended Calgary Metropolitan Plan appears to be acceptable and should be applied to all regional communities.

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