PC Alberta response to Question 10

Question:  What additional financial support will you provide to address the increased costs and responsibilities associated with policing in Calgary?

Answer:  A PC government’s commitment to safe communities is clear. Despite the fiscal challenges faced by our province, we presented Albertans with a plan in Budget 2015 that protected our policing services, providing more than a half a billion dollars for policing this year. Not a single police officer or sheriff was cut in this budget. In 2015-16, Calgary will receive approximately $88.8 million from the province for police, including:
  • $19.1 in Municipal Policing Assistance Grant;
  • $12.3 to support the 123 new officers added since 2008;
  • $7.8 million for positions funded through ALERT (Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams; and
  • $49.6 million in returned fine revenues (estimate based on 2014-15 revenues).
If re-elected, our government would continue to demonstrate this ongoing commitment to public safety.

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