PC Alberta response to Question 11

Question:  How will you ensure that Calgary young offenders have access to the supports they need in this community?

Will you commit to keeping CYOC open?

Answer:  The current fiscal climate in Alberta means we have a responsibility to Alberta’s taxpayers to use our resources wisely. We are pleased to see that across Alberta, as across Canada, the number of young offenders has declined over the past several years. We simply cannot justify operating two young offender centres that are nearly half empty. The Calgary Young Offender Centre is not closing entirely. It will remain open for:
  • arrest processing;
  • temporary holding for young offenders attending court in Calgary and southern Alberta;
  • short-term holding for Calgary and southern Alberta young offenders with sentences that have been temporarily suspended due to violations; and
  • release and reintegration programs for youth returning to communities in southern Alberta and Calgary.
The young offenders being moved to Edmonton will have access to the same kinds of supportive programming and assistance to which they had access in Calgary, and are being supported during the transition. We continue to encourage families to stay connected, and will work to facilitate this contact however possible.

We are committed to working with affected CYOC staff, including finding them other positions, and about two-thirds will either keep working at CYOC or have already been offered another position within Correctional Service Division. Efforts with remaining staff are ongoing.

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