PC Alberta response to Question 2

Question:  How would your party provide long-range, sustainable, predictable capital funding for Alberta’s large cities?

Answer:  The PC party remains committed to sustainable infrastructure for municipalities, whether that takes the form of a second-generation Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) program, revenue sharing or increased revenue generating opportunities for municipalities (or a hybrid of these options) as identified in the City Charter Framework signed by Premier Prentice and the mayors of Alberta’s large cities.

This party will meet our MSI commitments and remains committed to funding through GreenTRIP to support the development of strong, sustainable public transit systems. An example of the success of these programs is Calgary’s West LRT line, which received $1.3 billion through a combination of GreenTRIP, MSI, and other provincial funding.

But the best way we can provide sustainable, predictable funding to municipalities is to ensure that we break the boom and bust cycle and our reliance on unpredictable oil revenues – ours is the only plan that ensures this will happen.

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