PC Alberta response to Question 4

Question:  Will you restore Provincial funding to the Arts Commons?

Many difficult funding decisions have been made to bring spending back in line in all areas of the provincial budget, including this decision in 2013. The Arts Commons are still eligible for other provincial grants, such as funding for capital upgrades. Considering the financial situation the province is currently facing, we are not considering restoring the operating funding at this time.

Question:  How will you support arts, culture and recreation in Calgary?

Answer:  The PC party recognizes that arts, culture and recreation play a significant role in the overall quality of life of Albertans and as an economic generator in and of themselves. We will continue to support arts and culture and recreation across Alberta.

We are working on a long-term cultural plan for the province that will identify priorities to maximize the benefit of our investments and refocus on key priority areas. Albertans will see this plan later this year.

In addition, a PC government understands that recreation, active living and sport are vitally important to the over-all well-being of Albertans. We will continue to partner with active living and recreational organizations throughout the province and Calgary, as well as continue to implement our Active Alberta policy.

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