PC Alberta response to Question 7

Question:  What is your policy on regional planning and cooperation and in particular your opinion on the Calgary Regional Partnership and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan?

A PC government would continue to advocate for regional planning in a way that fosters cooperation between individual municipalities while ensuring the long-term planning interests of the entire region remain the priority. We would always seek a cooperative process as a first option in inter-municipal planning and other cross-boundary matters and will continue to support the work of the Calgary Regional Partnership.

Question:  Will you legislate the Calgary Metropolitan Plan in its amended form and apply it to all communities in the Calgary region, including the County of Rocky View and the Municipal District of Foothills?

Ideally, the Calgary Regional Partnership would oversee the implementation of the Calgary Regional Plan through a Growth Management Board, which would give participants the ability to maintain a democratic voting structure. In the event that a Growth Management Board cannot be achieved, a PC government would be open to discussing legislating under a regional plan.

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