PC Alberta response to Question 9

Question 1:  Will you support Calgary’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness by providing a greater share of funding to Calgary to reflect the city’s growth, cost of living and high homeless population?

Question: 2  Will you reinstate block funding to enable The City of Calgary to sustain affordable housing development?

Question: 3  What commitment will you make to the construction of more affordable housing in cities?

Question: 4  What measures would you be willing to introduce to encourage the participation of the private sector in the development of more affordable housing in Alberta’s cities?

Answer:  Answer to this section overall is as follows:

The PC Party supports the municipal and provincial plans to end homelessness and as part of this we have invested $1.2 billion to support the development of more than 12,000 affordable housing units between 2007 and 2012. To date, nearly 8000 are complete and 4000 more will be available in the next 2 years.

Since launching this plan in 2009, we have seen a 15% reduction in homelessness. Over 10,500 homeless Albertans have received housing and supports, and nearly 3,600 have graduated from Housing First programs, achieving housing stability. This is a good start, but finally putting an end to homelessness depends on our continued support and perseverance with this important initiative. For this reason, Budget 2015 committed funding that will help house another 1,800 Albertans.

We know there is more to do and that private sector stakeholders are important partners here as well. We look forward to further discussions about funding models and partnerships as part of the City Charter discussions.

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