Wildrose response to Question 2

Question:  How would your party provide long-range, sustainable, predictable capital funding for Alberta’s large cities?

Answer:  The Wildrose 10-10 MSI plan sets aside 10% of tax revenues and 10% of budget surpluses for municipalities. The PC government has repeatedly made promises to increase MSI funding, and consistently failed to meet those promises. The concept of linking the largest municipal transfer to tax revenues means that cities will be able to count on a revenue stream that doesn’t rely on resource revenues or political priorities.

This increase would mean over $100m for Calgary. The direct MSI portion of the 10-10 would be increased with population and inflation so that, combined with 10% of surpluses going to MSI, our cities are not left behind with frozen funding as Alberta grows.

The other main feature of the Wildrose 10-10 MSI plan that is exciting for Calgary is the Regional Infrastructure Fund. This fund is based on the recognition that when our cities invest in major urban projects they are of regional, not just local, significance. When the C-train gets extended to Tuscany, for example, or the West side of the ring road is completed, we recognize that this is something that benefits citizens beyond Calgary’s borders, and therefore it’s appropriate for provincial funds to go towards them. $3-400m from the tax-based portion of 10-10, and then another 15% of surpluses would go to this Fund. It would be predominantly allocated in Calgary and Edmonton for projects like Light Rail expansion and completing the west leg of the Calgary Ring road.

The Wildrose 10-10 MSI plan is the best provincial infrastructure plan ever proposed for Calgary.

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